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Dear C.J.’s Auto Sales,

When I rolled into your car lot the other day, I was simply stopping to check my tire. It was, apparently, flat as a pancake. Not what you want on the way to pick up your kids after a long day of work.

Your employees — Herbert, Reggie and Greg — came out to help me without a moment’s hesitation. First they tried to fill up the tire. Then, once we determined it was a lost cause, they were nice enough to put on the spare.

I was surprised to be back on my way in what felt like mere minutes.

I made it to pick up my two boys before school closed and shared my half-hour saga with them knowing they’d be intrigued by all that transpired. I told them about the tire going flat, how I could tell there was a problem and that I found help just around the corner from school.

For me, though, here’s where the story really began.

We talked about how the men didn’t have to help me. I explained the business was there to sell cars not fix them like a garage. I told them the men probably helped me because they felt somewhere inside that it was the right thing to do. I shared my hope that they would remember how I’d been helped by your employees even though it was likely they would gain nothing for the work they did.  It was pure and simple kindness.

I am tremendously grateful for the assistance I got from Herbert, Reggie and Greg. Their kindness meant the world to me.



Julie Turner

The Thank You Project is a yearlong Wordsmith letter writing and blog project. I’m recognizing and thanking people who enrich my life and make my community an even better place to live.


  • Stacey Hamilton on Jun 19, 2012 Reply

    Had the same problem last summer in Lugoff – flat tire and the closest driveway was a car lot with an impressive looking side garage. I watched 4 different men come out of the office and see what my predicament was. Sadly, they did not feel compelled to offer a hand (or even their phone.) They are now out of business. Little kindnesses go a long way. 3 CHEERS to C.J.’s Auto Sales!

    • julie on Jun 20, 2012 Reply

      That stinks.

  • Dee Gordon on Jun 19, 2012 Reply

    Nice to learn about paying forward the kindnesses you receive

  • Mom on Jun 19, 2012 Reply

    Kindness is great and it was a good day!

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