A blog post here. A blog post there.

I enjoyed blogging for the past few years for The Adams Group. It was a lesson in so many things.

Social media as it relates to hospitals, a modern house and the lift you get when a cycling demi-God gives your blog post a retweet. One of the most personal posts was one about a community uniting to search for a sweet lost dog named Elsa.

One of the biggest highlights was being a guest-blogger for Brains on Fire’s Lesson Eleven post series. You can read that post here or red their whole series for an extra dose of inspiration.

Observations. Celebrations. ConversationsNike nation.

I even wrote about writing and writing exercises that can help non-writers.

I’m the first to admit that blogging’s not for everyone or every company. For me, it’s been a great way to not only write more, but to learn more, too.


Day Three in the freelance writing business seems like a great day to set up a blog. It’s already been a great day for securing health insurance and a bona fide business license. It’s also going to be a great day to start writing an annual report and to “leave work early” to start training for the Bridge Run later this month.

If you’ve randomly stumbled upon my blog, here’s the backstory.

I’ve worked in advertising for more than 20 years. Most of those years in ad agencies. As of a few days ago, I got a new boss: me. I live and work in Columbia, SC. Wordsmith is me offering you great copywriting, content and creative services. If you need help while I’m getting my act together, call or e-mail. Or, tweet.

To all my friends who have supported, goaded and poked me in the side these past few weeks, thank you.

This is going to be a delicious adventure! Thanks for visiting!