Thank You Project

My day had hardly begun when my car’s coolant light came on. Not unusual except just a few weeks ago we’d paid an arm, leg and foot to have work done on the coolant system. So I headed over to the auto shop. With a few cars waiting ahead of me, the service manager came right out to my car to check the coolant himself. The entire time we spoke he was so nice, friendly and helpful. He explained what I needed to do if it persisted and sent me on my way with a smile.

He started my entire day off so well. My first thought was to write a note to his supervisor and the owner of the automotive shop. He is always so nice and efficient, he should be publicly lauded as a great employee. As I drove I continued to think of many people I could and should thank — graciously and meaningfully — for how much they help me and those around them. People need to do more of that, I thought.

I can do that, I thought.

So starting next week, I bring you The Thank You Project. Once a week, every week for an entire year, I am going to write a thank you letter to someone, mail it (using a stamp and envelope!) and post the letter on my blog, too.

There are so many people who do meaningful acts and services every day, and receive little to no thanks for their effort. Over the next year, I will barely make a dent in that number. But, after hearing the starfish story over and over again at CreateAthon this year, I know every letter will make a difference to at least one person.

I can’t wait to get started!

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