Tour de France season is here!

This year’s Tour de France has been one for the record books already — mainly for a string of bizarre serious crashes that have taken out several significant GC contenders. I love watching the Tour de France. Listening to the Phil- and Paul-isms and just about every syllable that comes from Bob Roll’s mouth. That anyone can ride a bike that far for that long over that terrain amazes me. While doping issues will probably always cloud the sport and its athletes, I admire these guys for what they accomplish.

Talking about the ups and downs of this year’s tour these past few days has reminded me of a blog post I wrote a year or so ago. In it I recapped what happened when a popular cyclist-blogger wrote a cover letter to Johan Bruyneel trying to hook on to the wheel of Team RadioShack.

If you never read it, it’s a great lesson in the power of social media. Plus, it’s just a great story. Read it here.

Have a few more minutes? Take five to enjoy the blog post that started me down the Fat Cyclist trail, An Open Letter to Assos. This should be mandatory reading for anyone who cycles, has ever purchased a cycling bib or has customers for that matter.