Here’s something you can do today.

I planned a post today about logos. I am sure it was just fine, but this post from my hero caught my eye. Since she’s been kind enough to share a lesson I taught her, I’ll take this opportunity to share one that she taught me.

Most people wouldn’t give a fast-talking, nervous high school kid a meeting. Or for that matter, a job. So since that day, I have always made sure to take time to talk to people about what I do, what I like about it and the many challenges of this career. Some people may never go on and choose this as a career, but there are always those who might. There may be one person out there who needs a little encouragement and direction in a field where they are both often in short supply.

Every time I meet with a college student who thinks they may want to work in advertising or someone who is trying to decide whether to choose between creative or account management, I am reminded of one meeting that changed my life forever. One of those meetings gave me a lifetime mentor and cherished friend. There’s always time for that.

The next time you get a call like that, carve thirty minutes out of your schedule. It could be a worthy long term investment.