Some weeks there’s no question who will get the Thank You Project letter. Other weeks I swim around a short list until something out of the blue hijacks the letter and steals it for itself. That’s what happened this weekend. While I’ve been to the All Local Farmers’ Market many times, I gained a new appreciation for it on Saturday. The market is much more than a place to buy food. It’s a place that could and should change how you think about food and eating. Someday I will stay long enough to enjoy one of Kristian’s yummy Rosso breakfasts and toast Emile, hopefully over some of his amazing Caw Caw Creek Farm bacon.

Dear Emile,

My name is Julie Turner and I am a writer on a yearlong quest called The Thank You Project. Once a week for the next year, I am thanking someone who quietly makes my life or my community better.

When I arrived at the All Local Farmers’ Market this past weekend, I immediately knew you would get this week’s letter.

Saturday morning was cold and dreary. As my children and I rounded the corner of 701 Whaley, the sheer beauty of the market stopped me in my tracks. I could practically feel the warmth of the soft cheerful globes of light all the way out on Whaley Street. Finally making my way inside, I passed by tables of locals chattering and lingering over breakfast and was jealous until I got inside. My basket was quickly full with several types of homemade biscuits, a bag of curly City Roots spinach, fresh dill, some pre-made BLT dip and a hearty enchilada casserole that saved dinner at my house last night.

As I drove back home that morning, I found myself admiring my bounty. It was all beautiful, fresh food I would be thrilled to serve to my family and friends. I wish I could say that about more of my food and meals.

I am so grateful to have this type of market in Columbia. It’s a place to share, learn and gather as well as buy fantastic local food and goods. Thank you for the years of effort you and others put forth to make such a place possible.

Your inspiration and dedication changed the Columbia landscape in a very tangible and meaningful way for so many people. You made Columbia a better place.

Thank you for such an incredible gift to our city.


Julie Turner


The Thank You Project is a yearlong Wordsmith blog project recognizing people who need to be thanked more often for their many contributions to our lives and communities. 


  • Kim on Feb 01, 2012 Reply

    What a wonderful project! And I so agree about the All-Local Market…it has been an awesome addition to Columbia and we are also greatful.

    • julie on Feb 01, 2012 Reply

      Thank you for reading and posting your kind comment!

  • Emile DeFelice on Feb 01, 2012 Reply

    Wow! Thank you so much! It was so heartening to receive your letter; it made my day!

    • julie on Feb 01, 2012 Reply

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. That made my day today!

  • Lori on Feb 01, 2012 Reply

    Excellent idea, Julie! I enjoyed your letter very much!!

  • Mom on Jan 29, 2012 Reply

    Let me tagalong next time. I’ve heard nothing but good things!

  • Aunt Julie on Jan 26, 2012 Reply

    Ejoying reading your thank you letters. What a wonderful project!

  • Cathy Monetti on Jan 26, 2012 Reply

    I have never been to the market, and I love it wildly nonetheless. Love!

  • Aunt Dee on Jan 25, 2012 Reply

    so jealous of your market. Enjoy it for me, too

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