Bridge Run Playlist

Thanks for all the cheers again this year as I hurtled through downtown Charleston at the Cooper River Bridge Run. I did not beat my time from last year but there are some years when finishing is a huge accomplishment. This was one of them.

For those few of you who asked, here’s my playlist in all its embarrassing glory.

Spare me your ridicule…especially if you were still lounging in bed at 7am on a Saturday!

2 Replies to “Bridge Run Playlist”

  1. Awesome! As a Prince, Glee, Adele and Cee-lo fan … your playlist rocked! Might had to add some of these to my Rose Festival 5K playlist!

    1. Thanks, Keela. I am going to have to give big props to Florence + The Machine. I got that one just as I turned on to King Street. It was a big motivator.

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