Dear Richard,

A little over a year ago, my dear friends’ dog Elsa went missing. Today, it’s hard to believe she was only gone a week. At the time, each day dragged on like a month.

I remember little about that week. There were cold, rainy days that deepened the heartache. I remember driving for hours hoping for a glimpse of her bright yellow fur. I remember so many friends searching, putting up posters, sharing news on social media, even through they didn’t know Elsa’s family.

I remember the first pangs of resignation creeping in as days turned into a week.

While there is much I cannot recall, some moments are seared in my memory. I was eating lunch when I got the call that Elsa had been found. I remember being consumed by the need to see her. I had to see her to believe it could even possible.

As I barreled into the exam room, blinded by tears, Elsa launched at me from the floor. She was the happiest dog I’ve ever seen. The most beautiful, wiggliest, ecstatic animal imaginable. Minutes later, my friend and her daughter ran into the room. Her sweet young daughter dropped to the floor and buried her face in Elsa’s coat. The sound that came from her daughter was like nothing I’ve ever heard. Released anguish. Pure joy. Delirious relief. It rings in my ears even today. Seeing Elsa reunited with her family was an amazing, precious gift.

I will never forget how you took time to care. To coax Elsa over. To see if she had a collar and ID tag. Your efforts got Elsa back to her loving home, family and friends.

Every time I see Elsa, I think of what you did and I am grateful. You made every moment I have with Elsa possible.

Thank you for your extraordinary kindness.



Julie Turner

The Thank You Project is a yearlong Wordsmith blog project recognizing people who need to be thanked more often for their many contributions to our lives and communities. 

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