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Dear Susan,

Being a teacher is a remarkable path. There are some teachers, however, whose footsteps echo very differently than many of their peers.

When I attended Crayton’s Beauty and the Beast show a few weeks ago, I was there to cheer on a friend. In truth, though, I was hoping the production would spark a little creative energy inside me. An exceptionally busy winter on every front had left me a quart low.

When you snuck that white envelope into my hands, I had no clue what was inside. I should’ve known. Coming from you, the contents had to be magical.

I don’t know how you knew I needed prayer bracelets that night, but I did. Very badly. I am so grateful you took time on one of your busiest nights of the year to give me such a meaningful and much-needed gift.

It goes without saying that you’re an exceptional teacher. The few years I watched you at Satchel Ford, I saw you excite, inspire and love students like few teachers I have seen in my life. But the other night showed me you’re more than simply a good teacher — you’re an amazing person.

Thank you for the gift you are in all of our lives — both young and old-ish.


Julie Turner


The Thank You Project is a yearlong Wordsmith letter writing and blog project. I’m recognizing and thanking people who enrich my life and make my community an even better place to live.

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